Hello Students and Parents,

I hope everyone is healthy, staying safe and fit during this time. I wanted to reach out and let you know that my grade book is complete and I have made some adjustments.  Please do not stress we will get through this and if you have any concerns please email me. For both my 9th and 10th grade students I think this would be a good time to keep a fitness journal and work out at least 3 times a week.  Check the attached links that relate to fitness and health.  Also, Tik Tok your best exercise or dance routine and share or create some healthy meals with your family.

For my 10th grade students.  On this page you can find resources for driver education, prescription drug safety, and fitness logs. The materials include everything we have covered thus far and can be found under the "Files and Documents" tab.

All driver education PowerPoints and notes are posted. Use this time to review material and prepare for the learners permit test when the time comes. For those of you who have a learners permit, there is always room for improvement. With that being said, I challenge you all to continuously review driver education material so that you understand how to be a safe driver.

To access the prescription and drug safety online course, use the link posted under "Files and Documents" to log into clever using your Office365 account. Once you are logged in, click on "Everfi" to complete the course.

Lastly, STAY ACTIVE! Although gyms are closed, get creative and use your resources. Youtube has great at-home workouts that do not require any equipment. Attached you will find fitness logs to help you get started.

Stay safe, Healthy and Fit and hope to see you soon😊❤

Mrs. Hinton
Health and P.E. & Driver Education Instructor


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