We are in 4th Quarter!

I will post a weekly assignment on the Monday of each week on Microsoft Teams, for the next 7 weeks. These assignments are based on work we have done throughout the year, but that we believe need more time and practice on your part to be prepared for next year.  I encourage you to do the work!  Please submit the work on MS Teams.  No grades will be given, but I will send feedback to you on your work and will record what you have completed. 

If you have any questions, be sure to contact me via email.  I will hold office hours by appointment -- we can set up a video chat if you would like.

¡Vámanos y buena suerte!

Queridos estudiantes;

 ¡Espero que ustedes estén bien! 

On this page you will find resources to review topics and grammar we have covered this school year, with links to websites and videos to explore and practice this material.
  You will find detailed information regarding the topics and associated grammar that we have studied each quarter in the pacing guides. I have included some photos of notes given in class.


***Please reach out to your classmates who don’t have internet access to keep them updated with this class.


***Please check your email regularly for class updates.


All of the Spanish teachers have a variety of links posted.  Feel free to consult their pages for more activities and opportunities to explore!

 Please feel free to reach out to me via email (fostertl@pwcs.edu).  Stay safe and know that I am here to support you and I miss seeing you!

Seňora Foster