OFFICE HOURS: I will be available for quick replies via email during these times for the remainder of the school year.
 Tuesdays: 1-2 pm
 Fridays: 12-1 pm

Parents/Guardians/Students -  
   If you have questions about learning or grades, please email me at: mumforcm@pwcs.edu.  I will check my email throughout the school day but the best times to reach me are during my Office Hours listed above.  Also, please check Parent/StudentVue for grade updates and students should check their school email daily for updates.    

US History
If a student needs any materials assigned prior to March 13th and has lost the handout, you will find them in the Unit folders.  Students may do the assignment and email me the completed work for a grade.  I will put all review materials for the remainder of the school year in the 'Distance Learning' folder for students.  

To access Google Classroom to take/retake a quiz or the unit 7 test:
   1. Go to classroom.google.com
   2. click on join a class...US History students select "Mrs. Mumford's US History Class"
   3. CRITICAL!!! Use the format below for your username and password: 

          EMAIL ADDRESS=First 6 letters of last name, first initial, middle initial, 2 digit graduation year @potomachs.org
                                              (EX:   lawsonjp22@potomachs.org)

          Temporary PASSWORD=First time users enrolled before August 15, 2019 will use:
-their student ID               (EX:  PHS-010304)
  4. Our class code is jpkxx4w

 **Students who email a request to retake a quiz will be given a short remediation activity.  Once successfully completed, I will assign the quiz.  Students will have 4 hours to complete quiz.

**Students who email a request to retake any of the unit 7 tests must complete the remediation requirements found in the unit 7 folder in the 'Files and Documents'.  The codes for the online quizizz is updated from what was given to students at the beginning of March.  Once the remediation work is successfully completed, I will assign one test at a time.  Students have a maximum of 4 hours to complete test.

To access the learning targets from September through mid-March, this is all we have learned so far, go to the Files and Documents section on this page and find the folder titled "Distance Learning:US/VA History". 


Global Perspectives: To access the review materials for the week of March 30th-April 3rd go to the Files and Documents section on this page and find the folder titled "Distance Learning: Global Perspectives".  In it you will find the review task for this week.  

Course Descriptions:
US/VA History is a required course for graduation.  We will look at the history of our country through the themes of movement, democracy, expansion, conflict, and change.    Please see your student's syllabus or find it in Files and Documents.

Global Perspectives in a required course for those who are full diploma candidates.  It is a rigorous college-level course that emphasizes skills in analysis, writing, research, and communication.  There is no specific content that students must acquire, but we will send two products for assessment to Cambridge in addition to one written test.