May 4th week
Hey everyone!!! Let see what you have!!!
Post your latest Photos and Creations and let's talk about it!

Computer Art
Let see what your Amalgammamals

Let's see what you have been working on.

If you have been working on your own projects that's ok too. Time to Share..

Week of April 27th
Computer Art 
Continue working on your Amalgamammal's... 6 animal parts of 6 different animals.

Take the images you took and work on editing the images with whatever software you have.

Week of 4/20
Computer Art
Going back to the beginning of Computer Art class you are going to create a "New " animal using 6 different animals. I.E. head of a lion and tail of a dog..etc.. Use Pixlr to create your image and upload it for the class to see.

All My Photo students!!
Go outside and take Photos of "Where I Am." These 20 photos should be landscape style images. Pay attention to your lines, and angles. Use Pixlr to edit your photos, then upload for your class to review

For the Week on April 13.

Hello Everyone,
I hope we are all ready to continue practicing on our skills. So first things first. Before we can begin to keep practicing on our assignments we need to learn how to use the software. So watch the tutorials, and practice with them. Once your done send me a note to let me know you watched them.

Photography / Computer Art

Pixlr tutorial  OR

Free Digital Art Software.