Ms. Mary D. Reynolds - Potomac Senior High School ESOL Teacher
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Dear General Science Students,

I am well, and I hope you and your families are also!

1.  Watch this video about Science Safety Rules.

General Lab Safety (Links to an external site.)General Lab Safety

2. Write a paragraph about three things you think are important about the Science Safety Rules.  Include a topic sentence, three content sentences, and a closing sentence.    


3.  Think about your writing.  If you were to be graded, I would assess your grade according to the rubric below.


4.  Keep practicing reading, writing, listening and speaking in English...AND your home language!  




ESOL:  Beginner’s Writing Rubric



4 - Mastery

3 - Generally

2 - Partially

1 - Minimally

Answers Prompt

Contains words and phrases that indicate understanding of prompt



Has no content that indicates understanding of prompt

Language Mastery

Writes small, simple, meaningful sentences in English

Writes basic, English words, perhaps without making sense

Attempts to write some words in English, may have phrases in their home language

Writes and answers prompt in their home language


Has a topic sentence, at least three details, and a closing

Succeeds with some parts the correct paragraph format

Attempts one or two correct part of the paragraph format

Writing piece has no structure or is not in English

Sentence Structure

Most sentences have basic English structure with subjects and predicates

Some sentences are missing the appropriate nouns and verbs

Most sentences are missing appropriate nouns and verbs or has few sentences

Writing piece is not attempted in English or are just random English words without structure


Few (0-2) mistakes in punctuation and capitalization

Some mistakes in punctuation and capitalization

Attempts correct punctuation, and capitalization

No attempts at correct grammar and mechanics


April 26, 2020

Dear Class (General Science, 3rd period),
Potomac Senior High School is giving students a computer to borrow.  
IMPORTANT!!  Do you need to borrow a computer for school work at your house?
Drive up to door number 34 at school on WEDNESDAY, April 29 between 10:00am and 12 noon.  Your parent/guardian must have an ID or you must have your school ID.

Please stay in the car.  Our principal will bring a computer to your car.
Email me if you have questions.
"See you tomorrow!"
Ms. Mary


NEW!  April 17, 2020

I hope all of you are well.  I miss each of you.  I hope to see you all very soon.  I want you to complete the assignments every week.  Send your work to me in an email. 

We will continue to review and practice concepts of Science we have completed in class.  This is an opportunity for you to work on your English and Science Skills.  

Now continue to research an animal.  


1.  Choose an insect.  Email or message me with the name of the insect.

2.  Copy this link to go to the "My Insect Report" page in the internet.

3.  Create a report about your insect, OR,  create a PowerPoint about your insect. 

4.  Be creative and thorough! 

Enjoy and let me know how you liked it. 

Stay safe and healthy. Message/email me with any questions or concerns.

I hope I see you tomorrow!

Ms. Mary
ESOL Teacher


March 26, 2020

Dear Students, Parents and Guardians,

I hope all is well with you and your families during this difficult and uncertain time.

In General Science we have navigated through and  successfully completed many of the years’ objectives and targets.  Click on FILES AND DOCUMENTS (on the left side of this page) for more information about these objectives, and future distant learning for the completion of the 2019-2020 school year.

Students, please log in to your Office365 email accounts for instructions on learning opportunities, class information, and more. 

Everyone, please sign on to Student Vue and Parent Vue to learn instructions for accessing Microsoft Teams to find learning information for the completion of the school year.

If you are unsure how to find Office365, StudentVUE or ParentVUE, click on USEFUL LINKS (on the left side of this page).  Here you can copy the address, and paste it in a new window and press enter.  

Hoping to "see you tomorrow",

Ms. Mary (Reynolds)