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My name is Jajuan Johnson and I am a teacher of students with autism. I teach English, Social Skills, Science and Recreation and Leisure.

Student and Parents as we continue to finish the rest of this school year please keep a positive mindset on learning. While we are out of school please use this page as a resource for learning. I will update this page with assignments and activities we have done during the school year. If you have any questions or concerns I can be reached at

Note: Students and parents please continue to follow our morning class routine which is checking on the daily weather and watching CNN 10. 

To check on these Daily Activities: Go to the "Files and documents" tab and you will see links for your daily activities.

1. Watch the daily weather video from Channel 9

2. Watch the daily CNN 10 video 

3. Cool new video to Watch! "Some Good News" on Youtube. Link below

4. News For Kids. News told simply. Link Below.