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Parents/Cadets will be emailed at the beginning of the week with their cadets weekly assignments. 

NS-1s will use the texts books online and  If you have forgot your login for or password just email me.

Here is a link to an electronic flip page version of the NS-1 textbook

Course Content

The NS I course is divided into three broad curricular areas, Introduction to NJROTC, Cadet Field Manual and the Drill Manual comprised of:


Introduction to the Navy Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps Course:

1.0  The cadet will be expected to demonstrate a knowledge of and respect for the responsibilities of loyal citizens in a democratic society.

Career Planning:

2.0  The cadet will learn how to think about his/her career and life goals.

Leadership Skills:

3.0  The cadet will become a better leader by learning how to be a good follower.  Learn the principles of leadership and how you can become a successful leader.  Understand what motivates people and how you can use that understanding to lead them effectively.  Understand the workings of relationships with others in order to influence and lead them more effectively. Understand how human behavior is affected by human emotions and attitudes.    

Citizenship and American Government:

 4.0  The cadet will understand what it means to be a citizen of the United States, a representative democracy.  Understand the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, with the Bill of Rights and the other amendments.  Understand how the US armed forces are organized under the control of elected and appointed civilian leaders. 

Navy Ships:

5.0  The cadet will be expected to identify the ships of the Navy and understand how they fulfill the Navy mission. 

Wellness, Fitness, and First Aid:

6.0  The cadet will develop a personal exercise program.  Understand the basic physical exercise paramount for success in NJROTC.  Evaluate how diet impacts life.  Analyze how well you meet nutrient guidelines.  Relate the National Academy of Science dietary guidelines to your personal diet.  Estimate your body fat content.  Analyze the impact sanitation and hygiene has on health.  Assess how stress impacts your life.  Assess the effects of drug and substance abuse on life today.  Determine first aid procedures and apply them as needed. 

Geography and Survival Skills:

7.0 The cadet will understand the principles and tools of map reading and land navigation.      Understand the basics of survival in several different environments. 

Required Documentation:

By the end of the second week, the following documentation is expected to be submitted:


NJROTC Health Risk Screening

NJROTC Standard Release Form

Initial value